What's going on

ADP editors are presently tackling a special project, the documentation of every Victor double-faced popular black label issue. When we’re done, DAHR users will have at hand definitive discographic documentation relating to every Victor issue within its most popular series of recordings, double-faced ten-inch recordings—from Victor 16000 through the end of the 27000 series. The series comprises nearly 12,000 discs issued over the course of 35 years, from 1908 to 1942.

We're very fortunate to have the assistance of discographer John Bolig in this work. John's print discographies, all published by Mainspring Press, are authoritative. His four black label volumes cover releases 16000 through the 24900s. (Victor didn't issue a disc under every single number in the sequence.) A fifth volume, documenting issues 25000 through the 27900s, will not be published in book form. John has generously provided the ADP with access to this data and on the complete black label series. We are now adding the entries for masters that contributed to that final block of numbers, 25000 through 27980, about 1,000 sides a week. Very soon our users will have at their fingertips listings and details of every Victor release in its ten-inch popular black label series. Great thanks to John Bolig for his assistance with the project. John's books are highly recommended by the ADP. Purchase a set before they go out of print.