Up and About

DAHR users might be interested in an overview of the work being undertaken by American Discography Project editors. New descriptions of recording sessions are posted almost every day. About three to five hundred new masters of a variety of record labels are added every week. The bulk of these are Victor masters of the late 1930s and OKeh masters of the late 1920s. But you'll also find newly added Columbia masters, both domestic and foreign, that were out of scope for inclusion in the Tim Brooks and Brian Rust Columbia discography, and previously undocumented Gramophone Company masters issued by Victor.

More audio is also being added to the DAHR. Editors are now including links to YouTube "videos" of 78-rpm discs. They number about 1200 right now, but again, new ones are added on a daily basis. Links to 10,000 Library of Congress National Jukebox are included in the site and that, too, will be expanded in coming months.

The development of several other additions to the DAHR are in the works. Once all of Ross Laird's and Brian Rust's OKeh discography is posted (set for early 2018) we'll begin adding Brunswick masters. But that's not all. Stayed tuned to news of DAHR updates. Unlike anywhere else, here the news will always be good.