MARC records added to DAHR

In an effort to aid libraries in cataloging their collections, 120,000+ MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) records have been added to DAHR. The MARC records are displayed in a special tab of the disc view section of DAHR and can be cut and paste into OCLC Connexion with minimal modification. The tool was created with funding from the Packard Humanities Institute, which funds DAHR.

78 rpm discs in libraries and archives are underdescribed and many of the largest collections are still uncataloged. This tool will help libraries catalog many items in their collections even if the cataloger (or cataloging technician) doesn’t have particular expertise in the format. DAHR uses LC name authorities, so searching the LCNAF for composers and performers is not necessary, saving significant time.

Instructions and documentation for the tool can be found here:

As there are relatively few institutions with 78rpm holdings, we welcome active communication with those catalogers. We welcome your feedback and input