New Historical eBooks

The American Discography Project at the UC Santa Barbara Library is pleased to announce publication of six additional eBooks in the UCSB Historical Discography Series. The new titles are:

  • Rhythm on Record: Who's Who and Register of Recorded Dance Music 1906-1936 by Hilton R. Schleman. Download PDF. (Original published: London: Melody Maker, 1936, now public domain.)
  • Moanin' Low: A Discography of Female Popular Vocal Recordings, 1920-1933 by Ross Laird. Download PDF. (Originally published: Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996, eBook edition under license from ABC‐CLIO.)
  • Brian Rust's Guide to Discography by Brian Rust. Download PDF. (Originally published: Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1980, eBook edition under license from ABC‐CLIO.)
  • Discography of Historical Records on Cylinders and 78s by Brian Rust. Download PDF. (Originally published: Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1979, eBook edition under license from ABC‐CLIO.)
  • Vertical-cut Cylinders and Discs: A catalogue of all Hill-&-Dale recordings of serious worth made and issued between 1897-1932, circa by Victor Girard & Harold M. Barnes. Download PDF. (Originally published: London: British Institute of Recorded Sound, 1964, eBook edition under license from The British Library.)
  • American Celebrity Recordings, 1900-1925 by Julian Morton Moses. Download PDF. (Originally published 1936; this edition published: Dallas: Monarch Record Enterprises, 1993, eBook edition published with the permission of Michael Sherman and Monarch Record Enterprises.)

Originally published between 1936 and 1996, the books range from the first published survey of dance bands on record, to Julian Morton Moses's early book on operatic recordings, the iconic (but problematic) long out print Vertical-Cut Cylinders and Discs by Girard and Barnes, as well as relatively recent topical discographies by Ross Laird and Brian Rust. Rust's survey of the field of discography in 1979 is an interesting historical document as it was published at the midpoint of the field of discography, roughly 40 years after its founding in the 1930s and roughly 40 years before the present day. 

Funding for licenses for the ABC-CLIO titles was provided by the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB).

-David Seubert, Series Editor