The American Discography Project's Discography of American Historical Recordings database is dedicated to the memory of the founders of the Victor Discography Project, Ted Fagan (1921-1987) and William R. Moran (1919-2004).

This work is the product of their intelligence, vision, and diligence.

A number of generous people and institutions have made significant contributions to this discography. Great thanks are due to:

  • Alan Avrutis
  • Rob Bamberger
  • John Bolig
  • Tim Brooks
  • Frederick P. Fellers
  • David Giovannoni
  • Mike Keller
  • Alan Kelly
  • Miles Kreuger, Institute of the American Musical
  • Lawrence W. and Cornelia Levine
  • Amy McDonald, Syracuse University
  • John Milmo
  • Mayra Nemeth, Florida International University
  • Michael Panico, Sony Music Entertainment Archives
  • John Ross
  • Niel Shell
  • Alan Sutton, Mainspring Press
  • Thomas Tierney, Sony Music Entertainment Archives
  • Jessica Wood, New York Public Library

Thanks to the following instutions for their ongoing support:

  • Library of Congress, Music Division
  • Library of Congress, National Recording Preservation Board
  • Library of Congress, Packard Campus, Audio-Visual Conservation Center
  • Library of Congress, Recorded Sound Reference Center
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Packard Humanities Institute
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Stanford University, Archive of Recorded Sound
  • Thomas Edison National Historic Park
  • University of California Santa Barbara, Davidson Library

Thanks also go out to the collectors and individuals who have contributed feedback, information, and recordings to the project:

  • Paul F. Anderson
  • Martin Bryan
  • Jonathan Clark
  • Scott Cleveland
  • Luis Contijoch
  • Thomas Henry
  • Sheldon Hoffman
  • Cathy La Forge, Manchester, NH
  • Ginalyn Landicho
  • Christoph Lanner
  • David Lewis
  • Mark McDaniel
  • Santiago Sipin
  • Jack Stanley
  • Ferenc János Szabó
  • Jon Ward
  • Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez
  • Arthur Zimmerman