What is the value of a recording I own?

DAHR staff are unable to offer appraisals of records and record collections. Please keep in mind that most 78rpm discs do not have a significant market value. There are several books that provide guidance on the value of historical records. The best-known one is American Premium Record Guide by Les Docks. It lists 78s exclusively but is out of print. Its focus is jazz, blues, and early country music. A copy may be available at a local library or through out-of-print book dealers. Some of the libraries that hold copies of the Docks guide are listed at http://worldcatlibraries.org/wcpa/oclc/47977784.

We also recommend monitoring auction websites such as www.ebay.com, consulting John Wright's webpage listing dealers that specialize in 78rpm discs, or visiting a local antique or used record store to determine the value of your records. You may not find the exact recording you are looking for, but comparable values may be determined by studying the minimum bids and sales prices of recordings by the same artist and era on the same label.

Some libraries still accept donations of 78rpm discs. If you are considering donating your collection, see our donations FAQ.