Where can I find audio for a particular recording listed in DAHR?

Through a collaborative project with the Library of Congress, more than 10,000 Victor recordings made prior to 1925 have been digitized and can be streamed from the DAHR website. Recordings made prior to 1925 that don’t have audio online are probably not held in the UCSB collection but may exist in other public or private collections. You can search WorldCat for the holdings of libraries around the world, but keep in mind that many collections are uncataloged. Staff at your local public or university library can assist you with searching WorldCat if you are unfamiliar with it. Finding out what is held in private collections is more difficult, and is largely information shared via word of mouth.

Recordings made after 1925 have not been digitized but may be in the UCSB collection or other public and private collections. If hearing a particular recording is necessary for your research project, search WorldCat or the UCSB Library Catalog. However, only about 50% of the UCSB collection is cataloged and the 78s of few if any U.S. libraries are fully cataloged and/or described in online catalogs. If UCSB has a particular 78rpm recording, copies may be requested in accordance with library policy. Contact the Special Collections department at special@library.ucsb.edu for more information on requesting copies or finding if we have a disc in our uncatalogued collection.